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Reebok Checklight Sports Activity Impact Indicator

In sports, impacts are a part of the game. CHECKLIGHT™ alerts athletes, coaches, athletic trainers and parents to the severity of impacts.

• Consistent, reliable and actionable impact data.
• Sensors that are directly coupled to the head to reflect direct accelerations that the head, not a helmet or chin strap, experiences.
• Can be worn with and without a helmet in multiple activities.
• Easy to use and comfortable to wear.
• Logs the total number of impacts recorded.

Light Indicator During Activity
A Yellow blinking light indicates checklight received a moderate impact.
A Red blinking light indicates checklight received a more severe impact.
A Green blinking light indicates checklight is on and funtioning.
An Amber blinking light indicates a low battery.

Head Circumference S M L XL
CM Up to 55.5 cm 55.6 – 57.55 cm 57.6 - 58.5 cm 58.6 and above.
Inches Up to 21 7/8” 21 7/8” – 22 5/8” 22 5/8” - 23 23 1/8” and above.
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