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Pro Ice Pro Knee/Multipurpose Cold Therapy Wrap

The Pro-Ice Pro Knee Cold Therapy Wrap is designed for both larger athletes and post-operative applications. It is used for the reduction of knee pain, swelling and edema associated with knee sprains, strains and muscle pulls from sports injuries or inflammation associated with surgical procedures.

This 17" x 12" wrap has a double layer of ice to ensure full knee coverage and allows for longer treatment times. The wrap material is made with a durable Veltex (a Velcro product) which is extremely durable and long lasting which acts as an insulator to keep the cold therapy directed towards the knee. The Pro-Ice Pro Knee Wrap provides knee compression through the use of three adjustable compression straps for a customized fit. Whether you need cold therapy for a medial meniscus, ACL or the Patella, the Pro knee wrap from Pro-Ice will deliver therapeutic cold therapy better than other ice packs or gel packs. The difference between the PI400 and the PI420 is that the 420 uses two sets of Cryoblanket Ice Inserts for more intense, longer cold therapy and has three compression straps rather than two. The 420 wrap is also for larger individuals ( 6' and over 200lb individuals).

Size - 17 or larger knee circumference. Unit measures 12 in length (from below knee to above knee)

• Designed To Fit Larger Athletes
• Pro-Ice Knee Ice Wrap and One Set Of Ice Inserts
• Post-surgery patients
• Helps Relieve Knee Pain & Swelling
• Provides Professional, Therapeutic Icing To The Knee
• Indicated for knee pain, knee swelling, knee sprains, meniscus tears, ACL injuries, Patella injuries and knee ligament sprains
• Used by Professional, College, High School and Youth Sport Teams, Trainers, Physical Therapists and Doctors To Treat Knee Conditions

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