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Pro Ice Adult Shoulder/Elbow Cold Therapy Wrap
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Pro Ice Adult Shoulder/Elbow Cold Therapy Wrap

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Item: PI200
Pro Ice Adult Shoulder/Elbow Cold Therapy Wrap The Pro-Ice Adult Shoulder Shoulder Provides Instant Cold Therapy To The Shoulder Pro-Ice Shoulder Wrap Ice Therapy Lasts Longer Than Ice Or Gel Packs The shoulder wrap covers the shoulder, rota
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Pro Ice Adult Shoulder/Elbow Cold Therapy Wrap

The Pro-Ice Adult Shoulder & Elbow Ice provides cold therapy to the shoulder, upper arm and elbow and covers from the midpoint of the scapula to the mid-point of Pectoralis muscle. The patented window pane design of Pro-Ice Cryoblanket allows the cold therapy to hug the body to provide comfortable shoulder icing. Slip the Cryoblanket into the nylon pouches of the wrap to deliver therapeutic cold therapy for up to an hour without melting and leaving condensation on the skin or dangerous puddles on the court. Place the wrap on shoulder & elbow and cinch the compression straps to comfort.

The Pro-Ice PI200 Adult Shoulder & Elbow offers a wide variety of applications to help treat many different shoulder & elbow conditions. The shoulder portion of the wrap, when placed forward over the Pectoralis (chest) area, or posteriorly over the scapula area, can provide effective cold therapy right where you need it. The elbow portion can be worn over the elbow area, or moved up to cover the upper arm, useful for those in high velocity throwing sports, such as pitchers in baseball.

Indications: The Pro-Ice shoulder and elbow cold wrap is beneficial in helping relieve symptoms for shoulder sprains, rotator cuff injuries, bursitis, golfer's elbow, scapula pain, Pectoralis muscle pain, tennis elbow, repetitive stress injuries, post shoulder surgery and prevention (prophylactic) after heavy workouts or competitive activity.

Adult Size: for individuals 5' to 6' tall and 120-200 lbs.

Extra ice inserts are sold separately (PI201) if you require additional icing time, or need to treat many people at one time.

Made in the USA -- Note: When not in use inserts may be stored in the freezer (flat) or outside of the freezer (flat) in a cool & dry location.

• Shoulder & Arm Ice Wrap Helps Relieve Shoulder Pain & Swelling
• Provides Instant Cold Therapy To The Shoulder & Elbow (once frozen)
• Pro-Ice Shoulder Wrap Ice Therapy Lasts Longer Than Ice Or Gel Packs
• The shoulder wrap covers the shoulder, rotator cuff, upper arm and elbow
• Shoulder Wrap Never Melts To Leave Condensation or Puddles on the Body or on the Court
• The inserts are filled with a non-toxic, non-hazardous, food grade material with the same characteristics of water
• Will freeze at 27 degrees and with stay frozen longer then ice
• Instantly Available On The Field, On The Court or At Home
• For Use On Either Left or Right Shoulder
• Use For Acute Shoulder Injuries, Chronic Shoulder Pain and During Rehab after Surgery
• The Best Ice Wraps For Throwing Sport Athletes

Yes,I would but this product again


After game or practice




A Great Concept


My son is a Varsity relief and at times a closing pitcher. Even if he isn't forced to throw a lot of pitches, this product has relieved him of any post-game or bull pen session pain from the forearm up through the shoulder areas. Best thing is is that he can wear it while doing homework and the majority of the time with weekday games, homework has to be completed afterwards. One thing I want to mention is IF your freezer setting is set too low you will notice less flexibility with the ice packs. I never paid attention to my freezer setting prior to owning this and who really does? But changing the setting from 3 to 5, bringing the temp up slightly, made a difference. Before doing this our son had to remove from the freezer and let it sit at room temperature for about 15 minutes so that it would be flexible and comfortable enough to wrap around his arm and shoulder.

Uncle Marko

Concord, CA


My son is a pitcher and this is great!


We just keep it in the freezer and it is always ready to use. It is compact and stays cold for a long time.

Baseball Mom

West Seneca, NY


Excellent- Definately get the Adult Size


My son is 10 and he's smaller than average. I got him the adult size based on other reviews. Its perfect. I see no reason to make the youth size. It packs his shoulder and elbow perfectly. We freeze overnight, throw it in a cooler with ice packs the morning of a tournament, and its still cold at the end of the day. He wraps for 20 minutes on the drive home. Just what we were looking for.

Jackie G 8 Baseball



Better than nothing


My son said this model is not nearly as comfortable is the older model he used for years until it no longer held a freeze (ie water evaporated). There is a ridge on the shoulder flap that does not fit well and the frozen cells come in direct contact with the skin as there is mesh liner.


hanson. ma



My daughter is a pitcher and she uses this after every game and practice. It is nice because it covers all of the areas that can get sore after a lot of pitching. She can ice and still have use of her arm and hand. Only problem I have is trying to find a way to keep it frozen during 90 degree tournaments!




Pretty good product


I was really excited to get this because I figured it would make icing after throwing a lot more convenient. It did, but there are a few things that aren't the best about it. First, it is pretty difficult to attach to yourself if you're alone. However if you are with another person it's easy. Second, it doesn't effectively ice some parts of your arm. It wraps around your elbow very well, but it fails to cover a lot of your shoulder. I found that can only really ice the top of your shoulder near your collarbone, or your very upper arm, but never both at the same time. Overall, pretty good product.


Kato, MN


Pro Ice Pack


My son uses it every time he pitches and loves it!


San Diego


Perfect solution!


My son is an avid baseball and we wanted to find a solution to our "icing" problem after he pitches. We needed a ice pack that fit well, covered all effected areas, and stayed cold for 20 minutes at a time. This provided all of it is useful to pack it in a cooler and have him wear it on the way home. That way, when we get home he can shower and eat dinner and not take the time to ice once we get there!


Tallahassee, Fl.


Great Product


We use this product after every game my boys throw. Very easly to put on and take off. Nothing negative to say about it.

Sweet Lou and PUP!!!!

Corpus Christi Texas


Pro Ice Adult Shoulder/Elbow Cold Therapy Wrap

4.6 79


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